My photography reflects my ongoing interest in our sense of place. Remote landscapes, patterns, structures and texture are ongoing themes. Although sometimes melancholic, I hope my photography reflects a wonder, beauty and a sense of the the infinite found in nature and our own manmade environments. As part of my photographic journey, I am repeatedly drawn to our ancient spaces and landscapes and reflect on the meaning they held for our ancestors as they explored their place on this world and in the wider Universe - a reocurring theme in our individual and shared experience.
Professional and research interests

My professional life began as an economist and manager, working in the Sudan and Lesotho and continuing across Central and Eastern Europe, for the UK Government and European Commission. Over recent years I have worked across the UK's creative industries at the interface between digital technology, creativity and innovation.

I completed his PhD at Lancaster University in 2018 with my research interests centred on understanding the role of Universities in catalysing innovation at the interface between the Arts and Humanities and the wider economy. Specifically, exploring the value that creative practice and design can play in catalysing innovation in different social contexts. Central to my professional and research interests are the processes by which knowledge is transferred, shared, created and applied through the act of collaboration itself. Of paramount importance to my enquiry is the exploration of effective team working and the identification of enabling factors associated with successful outcomes in the context of complex collaborations.